South Asia Initiative Events

Spring Quarter 2018

Friday, April 6: Kaushik Basu (Cornell, Economics)  Law, Economics and the Control of Corruption: A New Approach to Law and Economics. Moderated by Karthik Muralidharan (UCSD Economics). Co-sponsored by the Indira Foundation. MPR2, Rady School of Management, 12-1:30pm. (Lunch will be served)

Friday, April 20: Samanth Subramanian (Journalist) “A Telescopic History of the Sri Lankan War”  Co-Sponsored by the UCSD Library and the Indira Foundation. Seuss Room, Geisel Library, 3:30-5pm (Doors open at 3pm, Light refreshments provided)

Thursday, May 10th: Asim Khwaja (Harvard Kennedy School) Glass Walls: Experimental Evidence of Access Constraints Faced by Women. Presented by the Behavioral-Development Economics Seminar, co-sponsored by the South Asia Initiative. GPS 3106, 12-1:30pm

Friday, May 25: R Radhakrishnan (UC Irvine, English) The Future of South Asian Studies. Comment by Babak Rahimi, Director of the Program for the Study of Religion  and Third World Studies. Co-sponsored by the Indira Foundation, SSB 103, 12-1:30 pm.

Thursday, May 31: Sohaib Khan (Columbia, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, and UCSD visiting student) ‘Let the Beard Grow and Trim the Mustache’: Muslim Ethics between Mimesis and Embodiment. Sequoyah Hall 103, 3:30-5pm

Thursday, June 7: Amrita Kurian (UCSD, Anthropology) In Search of Quality: The Politics of State-led Science on the FCV Tobacco Sector in Andhra Pradesh. Sequoyah Hall 103, 3:30-5pmThursday, June 14: Navarasa Dance Theater performance, A Story and A Song  launches the San Diego Museum of Art Epic Tales of Ancient India Exhibit. Co-sponsored by the Indira Foundation and the SDMA/Committee for Arts of the Indian Subcontinent. Location: San Diego Museum of  Art – 1450 El Prado, Balboa Park,  7-8:30 pm. Tickets on sale soon: $45 (General admission); $25 (student/ID).

Other UCSD Events

Wednesday, June 13: Paryavaran Mitra (Friends of the Environment) Carving Path to Dignity, A talk by Ashish Agarwal, founder of Paryavaran Mitra
11:00 – 12:00 PM, CSE 1202

The speaker, Ashish Agrawal, founder-director of Paryavaran Mitra (Friends of the Environment) will talk about a social enterprise from Gandhi Ashram, India where poor rag-picking women play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of the city yet earning a demeaning stature in society for this noble act. The emphasis of the talk will be on applying the entrepreneurial thinking and designing a self-sustainable business model which would allow overcoming prevalent issues like  societal challenges, waste management, national policies, behavioral changes, women security, hygiene, social dogma, and others. The speaker will also discuss the results after being implemented for three successful years and unsolved challenges that lies ahead.