South Asia Initiative at UCSD

About Us

The South Asia Initiative is an independent inter-divisional effort  at UCSD to promote discussion and exchange about South Asia. We support research, bring speakers, and sponsor courses toward  an undergraduate minor in South Asian Studies. We host weekly seminars and round table discussions on Thursday afternoons. Our Steering Committee members are: Vineet Bafna, CSE; Prashant Bharadwaj, Economics; Lilly Irani, Communication; Vish Krishnan, Rady School, Steve Parish, Anthropology, Kamala Visweswaran, Ethnic Studies.  Contact us to learn more, or join us at one of our events this quarter.


Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule

Oct 5: South Asia Mixer, SSB 231  5-6:30 pm

Oct 12: Nadeen Karputly (UCSD Ethnic Studies) “Ayad Akhtar and the Burden of Muslim-American Representation”  SEQ 103, 5-6:30 pm

Oct 19: Michael Callen (UCSD Rady School) “Using Mobile Money to Reduce Corruption and to Improve Government Salary Payments in Afghanistan” SSB 107,  3:30-5 pm 

Oct 26: Vikram Chandra  (UCB English) “The Geek Sublime,” Round Table discussion with Lilly Irani, (UCSD Communication), Shayan Mookherjea (UCSD ECE), and Sanjay Nigam (UCSD Medical School) Co-sponsored with Science Studies, the Warren College Writing Program, and the Marshall College Dimensions of Culture Program, with support of the Indira Foundation; Seuss Room, Geisel Library,  4-6 pm

Nov 2: “Tackling Malaria in South Asia” Round Table Discussion with  Ethan Bier (UCSD Biology), Karthik Muralidharan (UCSD Economics) and Elizabeth Winzeler (UCSD Medical School). CALIT2 Auditorium, 4-6 pm
Nov 9: Iffat Fatima (Delhi) Film Screening and discussion with filmmaker, Khoon Diy Baarav (“Blood Leaves its Trail”). SSB 107 4-6 pm. Co-sponsored with the International Institute.

Nov 30: MV Ramana (University of British Columbia, Public Policy/Global Affairs) “Nuclear Weapons in India: History and Risk” Comment by Ahmed Abdulla (UCSD GPS). Co-sponsored with the International Institute.  SSB 107 3:30-5pm


Other UCSD Events

November 2, 2017Climate Change and Religion
Prof. Thomas Csordas, UC San Diego; Assistant Prof. Aftab Jassal, Colgate University and SAI affiliate; Prof. Karma Lekshe Tsomo, University of San Diego.
2:30PM, UCSD Price Center Forum

Oct 16: Lilly Irani (UCSD Communication & Science Studies)
Entrepreneurial Citizenship: Promising Knowledge and the Subsumption of Hope
4:00p-5:30p, Room 3027, Humanities & Social Sciences Building

“How do you get acquainted with 4 billion people?” This is a question posed by a “clean water” NGO that partnered with DevDesign, the studio where I conducted ethnographic fieldwork for 14 months. In this talk, I explain the rise of entrepreneurial citizenship in India — a call to citizens to take up the developmental work of a liberalizing state. I then turn to the work of DevDesign as they combined ethnography and design to produce not facts, but “opportunities” for global health public-private partnership. I outline how the entrepreneurial ethos and mode of development subsumes hope and disciplines development. The talk draws from my forthcoming book Innovators and their Others (Princeton University Press).

Sept. 20: Raj Reddy (Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon) “Creating a Humane Society through Computational Social Science” UCSD CSE Distinguished Lecture Series. 11am, Fung Auditorium, Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall.